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                             100 MILE WILDERNESS ADVENTURES AND OUTFITTERS

100 Mile Wilderness is a small “mom and pop” operation that took root back in 1977 after my first thru-hike. I became Corresponding Secretary for the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and provided hikers with information and assistance. I saw a need because back then there wasn’t anyone providing hiker services to the degree that has become commonplace today. I have been providing information, logistical support, shuttles and overnight accommodations in one form or another for 40 years; longer than anyone else in the State of Maine. In 2011, I purchased an incredible piece of land just a short 2 minute walk from the Appalachian Trail near Lake Hebron in Monson, Maine ( Mile 117.8). My campground is located on the “Historic Appalachian Trail”; the former route of the Trail from 1935 to 1982. My quiet grounds feature twin bunkhouses, private cabins, hot showers, a guest lounge/kitchen, secluded tent sites and a relaxing atmosphere.

This is life in the slow lane. Where the haunting call of the loons out on the lake and the howl of coyotes are frequent companions. This is the home of the pine marten, Canadian lynx, black bear, mink, porcupine and ruffed grouse. This is where moose and deer outnumber local inhabitants. Sit awhile and enjoy the star filled sky; the only sound you hear is the gentle breeze through the fragrant Balsam fir.

Far from the maddening crowds, my private and secluded grounds are a place for quiet contemplation, star gazing and a relaxing atmosphere.  Perfect for pondering the beginning of an epic journey or reflecting upon a dream hike, soon to be fulfilled on Katahdin.

I am located on the doorstep to Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. I am here to help you achieve the possibilities that only a long distance hike can offer.

                                                                     Phil Pepin, Registered Maine Guide

Phil Pepin is a three time Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, completing the entire Trail in 1977, 1982 and most recently, in 2010.

As a longtime Volunteer with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club, I have:

  1. helped maintain and build much of the Appalachian Trail in Maine
  2. helped build many of the new lean-to’s throughout the State.
  3. served on the MATC Executive Committee for over 30 years as a:
    • Director
    • Vice-President
    • Overseer
    • Long time corresponding secretary

I co-ordinated a successful Volunteer caretaker program on Bigelow Mountain for 18 years, and maintained 4-1/2 miles of the Appalachian Trail for 28 years.

As a Volunteer in Baxter State Park, I maintained both the Helon Taylor trail on Katahdin and the South Turner Mountain trail for 13 years and I am still an active Volunteer in the Park.

  1. I am a life member of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  2. I received the Silver Service Award from the ATC and the National Park Service in 2003.
  3. I was presented the Presidential Call to Service Award for my many years of Volunteer service to the Trail project, later that same year.

In 1998 the Maine Appalachian Trail Club awarded me Honorary Member status for my commitment and dedication to the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

I am licensed by the State of Maine as a Guide and can help you with your Appalachian Trail needs and information requests.

100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters

Phil Pepin-Registered Maine Guide
PO Box 47, 349 Pleasant Street
Monson, Maine 04464
Phone: 207-991-7030