• Personalized Service. Planning and logistics.Bunkhouse
  • Registered Maine Guide, specializing in the 100 Mile Wilderness
  • Private grounds. Quiet woodland setting
  • Hot showers; the best on the Trail!
  • Kitchen facilities, BBQ grill and hiker lounge
  • Emergency services. I know at least 20 ways in and out of the 100 Mile Wilderness and will be with you every step of the way should you need to leave early.
  • Hiker box. For guests only
  • Located “trailside”; just a short 2 minute walk from the Appalachian Trail at mile 117.8
  • Free use of bicycles for guests wanting to go into Monson. Free shuttles into Monson (1.5m away) when I’m available.
  • No hassle packages tailored specifically for your needs.
  • Safe, reliable and fully insured shuttle services throughout the State. Guaranteed services.DSCN0517
  • Clean, quiet and affordable accommodations in my hiker cabins and twin bunkhouses. Comfortably furnished.
  • Private and secluded tent sites. Many to choose from. Includes showers, lounge and kitchen use.
  • “Slackpack” options from the Kennebec River (Caratunk) to Gulf Hagas. Free loaner daypacks for guests.
  • Free, safe and long term parking for guests.
  • Resupply options in the 100 Mile Wilderness at the KIW road (Gulf Hagas) and Jo-Mary logging road. Locked, bear-proof boxes.
  • Mail drops. Guests only.
  • Extensive reading library and detailed maps available in the lounge cabin.
  • White gas, alcohol and canister fuel available
  • Shuttles from the Rangeley/Oquossoc to Baxter State Park and all points in between including direct pickup/dropoff in Bangor area.


Shuttle services are tailored to your needs. Direct pickup/drop off available for guests arriving to Bangor airport or either bus stations.  Shuttle services extend to Rangeley/Oquossoc for those guests section hiking South of Monson. All shuttles originate from Monson and pricing is reflected by round trip mileage and travel time. Reservations recommended, especially during July and August. Long term, safe, secure and free parking available on premises for guests who choose to drive to my Monson location. Guests flying in can leave their luggage and travel needs with me while they enjoy their hike. Contact me at for pricing. Package pricing available for groups. Section hikers see information below.


Overnight lodging in private bunkhouse for groups of 3-4 @ $25 per night, per person
Overnight lodging in private cabin (sleeps 2) @ $50 per night, 1-2 people
Private tent site @ $20 per night individual/ $25 for two. Includes showers, kitchen and lounge use
Price includes hot showers/towels/toiletries and use of all facilities.


The 100 Mile Wilderness Special is an all inclusive package that features a private cabin in Monson with a next morning shuttle to either Abol Bridge or Baxter State Park for Southbound guests. Northbound guests can arrange for pick up at Abol Bridge (where you can safely leave your vehicle) and a shuttle to Monson with overnight accommodations in a private cabin. Plenty of free and safe parking on premises and I’m “Trailside”; just a short 2 minute walk from the Appalachian Trail. Discount pricing for 2 or more. Optional resupply available below.


It takes most hikers 8-10 days to hike through Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. By utilizing my mid-wilderness resupply option(s), my guests are able to lighten their packs by dividing their supply needs into 2 manageable 4-5 day loads. Begin your hike with the first half of your needs and pick up the second half at the Jo-Mary logging road ($35 single/$50 couples). I also offer a second resupply option at the KIW road that would allow you to divide your food/fuel needs into thirds. Cost is $50. Same price for single and couples (not each). for the KIW resupply site. Cost is $75 for both resupply sites Same price for single and couples (not each). Safe and secure bear proof container with lock. I will also pack out your trash and can provide assistance as needed.  Discount pricing for 3 or more.


Emergency Services provided if you need to leave the Trail early. I know 20 entry/exit points in the 100 Mile Wilderness and can arrange to pick you up/drop you off at whichever location you plan to leave/enter. Just let me know where and I’ll be there. 



I can assist you with all of your travel needs. I provide shuttle service to/from Rangeley/Oquossoc all the way to Abol Bridge and Baxter State Park with all points in between. Those guests driving to my Monson location can leave their vehicle with me for safe keeping while they enjoy their hike. I can accommodate groups up to 12 and offer special pricing. Shuttles and overnight accommodations packages are priced according to your needs. Guests utilizing bus service or flying into Bangor can arrange for direct pickup/drop off to 20 entry/exit points in the 100 Mile Wilderness. I am familiar with the vast network of logging roads that crisscross the region and can get you to your destination as well as provide information on camping options in the area. some slackpacking opportunites available. Contact me for pricing and availability at

100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters

Phil Pepin-Registered Maine Guide
PO Box 47, 349 Pleasant Street
Monson, Maine 04464
Phone: 207-991-7030