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Essential Information

Essential Information…


100 MILE WILDERNESS ADVENTURES AND OUTFITTERS IN MONSON is a full service provider. I can help you with private accommodations, shuttles, planning and offer two resupply options that will allow you to begin your hike with a portion of your food/fuel needs and get the remainder at the Jo-Mary and/or KIW logging roads. I can mark your maps with additional campsites that will allow you to camp in private as well as add some flexibility to your itinerary. I can put together package pricing to suit your particular needs whether you are a solo hiker or in a group. With over 40 years of Appalachian Trail experience and specializing as a Guide in the 100 Mile Wilderness, I can provide you with the information and services you need to have a safe and enjoyable hike…….Phil Pepin, Registered Maine Guide


Things to know before you go


You don’t have to be a guest of 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters in Monson, to receive my detailed and informative “Planning and Services Guide”. My Guide provides a list of helpful services and options for those hikers planning a hike in Maine’s rugged and remote 100 Mile Wilderness. The Guide also provides Baxter Park options worth considering. You’ll find the information helpful for planning your trip as well as navigating your way from Bangor to Baxter and other points along the Trail. E-mail me at phil@100milewilderness.info for a copy.

On getting to the Trail…

There is no public transportation to the Trail. Bangor, Maine is the “jumping off” spot for most people and arrangements for further transportation to/from there must be made. Bangor is a small city serviced by air at the Bangor International Airport www.flybangor.com and is serviced by both Concord and Greyhound bus lines. For those planning to utilize train service; the closest train depot is in Portland, Maine; some three hours south of Bangor. I provide daily shuttle service and overnight accommodations for my guests. I arrange for pickup/drop off from my Monson location to Bangor and Baxter State Park. I provide shuttle service throughout much of the State. I am familiar with the vast network of logging roads and trailheads and can get you to/from your destination according to your needs. Free long term parking at my Monson campground for guests.


Bangor has a wide variety of accommodations including all the major hotel and motel chains as well as several bed and breakfast options. Millinocket, the closest town to Baxter State Park, has several motels and campground facilities. Better yet…… Guests of 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters in Monson will be provided overnight accommodations in my clean, comfortable and quiet hiker cabins or twin bunkhouses. Tent sites are available for those guests preferring to camp….Sorry. NO DOGS.

Bangor Hotels near airport (most provide shuttle to/from airport)
Roadway Inn (formerly Econolodge)…..(207)945-0111
Days Inn….(207)942-8272
Howard Johnson….(207)942-5251
Fairfield Inn….(207)990-0001                                                                                           Holiday Inn….(207)947-0101
Super 8….(207)945-5681

For more information on Bangor, go to www.bangormaine.gov , the cities official site or go to www.bangorregion.com the site of the Bangor Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bangor is serviced by public buses that run every half hour throughout the city from 6am-6pm. There is no Sunday service. Call BAT Community Connector at (207)992-4670 for more information.



Enjoy Your Hike-Keep It Light!

The biggest mistake that most people make is carrying too much weight for their needs. The Trail in Maine is rugged. The climbs are steep and punishing. Hiking the Trail shouldn’t be torture or more difficult than what it is. Take the time to go through your pack and ask yourself if the gear you intend to bring is necessary. Try to make your choices multi-functional and learn to live without things that weigh more than what they are worth. You’ll be amazed to learn how little you really need to still have a comfortable and enjoyable hike.

4 Keys to a successful hike!


1. Be prepared!!………. As simple as it sounds, this can not be emphasized enough. Make sure you have the right equipment and know how it works. Make sure you have enough food to carry you through the 8-10 days it takes most people to hike the 100 Mile Wilderness. Did you seal the seams on your tent? Break in your boots? Go over everything you plan to bring and make sure you are not forgetting anything. Know how to repair it or get by without it should it break. A needle and dental floss make a great sewing kit and a couple of feet of duct tape wrapped around your water bottle rounds out the repair list. Your comfort and your safety depends on your equipment and your abilities.

2. Keep it light!!……. The weight you carry on your back is magnified with each passing mile. The heavier your pack, the slower you will travel and the more problems that may crop up. Issues with chafing, blisters, muscle soreness and fatigue come into play. Your “dream hike” suddenly becomes a nightmare as you struggle to make your way along the Trail. The footpath is uneven and rough and the climbs are steep. Your ability to move forward efficiently is hampered under the dead weight of your pack.

3. Know what you are getting yourself into!!……. Too many times a trip is ruined due to poor planning. Realize that not everything is going to be perfect and, if anything, expect the worse. Maine is rugged and unforgiving and has some of the worst weather in the world. Days upon days of cold, steady rain is more the norm than the beautiful, picture perfect days you hope will accompany you along the way. Are you prepared for the rain? The cold? The black flies? The Trail in Maine is busy during the summer months and more times than not, the shelter you were planning on using at days end may be full with other hikers. Are you prepared to set up your tent or tarp in the rain? Are you willing to wake up to yet another day of rain and put on wet socks, wet boots and wet clothes and continue on only to do it again the next day?

4. Get yourself in shape!!…….. Burdened with 8-10 days of food and all the gear you will need to safely and comfortably traverse the wilds of the North Maine Woods suddenly awakens you to the fact that you may have bitten off more than you can chew after only a couple of miles into your trip. As you struggle to make your way along the tangle of slippery roots and rocks, the deep and never ending mud, the steep and seemingly impossible climbs with the black flies biting incessantly at your exposed skin, your lungs on fire and your heart about to burst; think for a moment….maybe a fitness program would have been a good idea after all. It takes 2-3 weeks for your body to get accustomed to the strains and discomforts of hiking the trail. At the very least, take a trial hike with all your gear and the weight you plan to carry before you embark on your trip of a lifetime. Assess your needs and your condition. Make adjustments accordingly.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.


It’s Gonna Suck To Be You If….

  • You didn’t pack enough food and you’re running short.
  • Worse, you’re out of food and the river crossing is too dangerous to ford.
  • You’re carrying too much weight and should have left some of it home.
  • You slip off the bog bridging and find yourself knee deep in mud.
  • You’re injured and don’t know how to get out of the 100 Mile Wilderness.
  • You didn’t take the time to break in your new boots.
  • You come face to face with a bull moose and it’s mating season.
  • Poor planning on your part causes you discomfort, inconvenience or injury.
  • You get caught hunting or fishing without a license.
  • Worse yet, you make a fire at an unauthorized campsite.
  • It’s late summer and the water sources at Long Pond Stream, Chairback Gap and Wadleigh Stream lean-to’s are dried up and you’re out of water.
  • You get giardia because you didn’t treat your water.
  • It’s 2 a.m. and you have the “Hershey squirts” and can’t find your flashlight or toilet paper.
  • Your knees buckle and your lungs are about to burst because your pack weight exceeds your body weight.
  • You fail to loosen your shoulder straps and unbuckle your waist belt before fording any water crossing.
  • You don’t have any dry clothes to change into at days end.
  • You think that since it’s July or August, you don’t need to carry cold weather gear.
  • You fail to treat the seams of your tent with sealant.
  • Your gear gets wet because you forgot to put everything into plastic bags.
  • It rains for days on end and there is still more rain in the forecast.
  • You’re hiking during black fly, deer-fly or mosquito season.
  • You arrive at a shelter and it’s pouring rain and the shelter is full.
  • The campsite you plan to stay at is occupied by a camp or scout group.
  • You didn’t get in shape before the hike and now you wish you had.
  • You fail to make reservations at Baxter State Park and find out there is no place for you to stay.
  • Your dog is wet, just rolled in something and makes himself comfortable on somebody else’s sleeping bag.
  • You forgot to bring your bug dope or head-net
  • You didn’t make your reservations and travel plans with 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters in Monson.

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