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Welcome to the 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters website! Inside you will find a wealth of information and helpful tips that will assist you in planning and enjoying a successful hike through Maine’s rugged 100 Mile Wilderness.

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ACCOMMODATIONS  My campground is located Trailside on the Historic Appalachian Trail in Monson, Maine. I provide clean, quiet and comfortably furnished accommodations which include 4 private cabins and 2 twin bunkhouses. I have secluded, walk-in campsites for those guests preferring to tent and my grounds feature hot showers, safe and secure parking, kitchen facilities and a well stocked library. Click onto my services page for more information.

SHUTTLES  I provide fully insured and State licensed shuttle services throughout Maine. I do direct pickups and drop offs in Bangor, at Abol Bridge and in Baxter State Park. I have over 40 years of experience in the 100 Mile Wilderness and know the vast network of logging roads throughout this remote region. I can assist you with your shuttle needs to/from any point within the 100 Mile Wilderness. Click onto my services page for more information.

MAPS AND GUIDES  The Maine Appalachian Trail Club publishes a complete and detailed map series that covers every aspect of planning and hiking the 100 Mile Wilderness. The complete Guidebook and the 3 Guide/Map series can be ordered by clicking onto my services page.

PLANNING GUIDE   I offer a detailed and up to date planning guide that will help you determine your needs and assist you in logistical planning. Contact me at phil@100milewilderness.info and I will e-mail you a copy.

100 MILE WILDERNESS GUIDE SERVICES   At 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters, I can provide you  with unique outdoor opportunities and experiences ranging from whitewater rafting, drift water fly fishing, mountain bike adventures and guided backpacks in the 100 Mile Wilderness to name a few.. As a Registered Maine Guide I will work with you to insure that your experience is safe, memorable and enjoyable.

UPDATES   Be sure to “like” my Facebook page in the upper right column. I do regular updates on trail conditions, weather reports, dangerous river fords and other topics of interest in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness.




100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters

Phil Pepin-Registered Maine Guide
PO Box 47, 349 Pleasant Street
Monson, Maine 04464
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